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My first blog

Start writing a blog is not easy. Today I have taken this step to write. For me, I do like writing, but it was not channelize, it was more sort of random. I have written a hell lot of articles, poems, story but it all become history as I have no records available, its all lost in time-line.

I have spend mostly my class time in writing these write-ups, mostly when I get bored by some boring lecture, which is most of the time.

Writing in class serve two purpose first teachers assume that I am taking keen interest and making down notes but that fact they did not know that I was curing my boredom.

and secondly i did maintain my image in teachers view while others don’t ..poor guys

This is one such instance..like wise there many such instance happened (some interesting,  sore funny, ) which I will be sharing along with the course of my blow

I will also be sharing my other experiences, my learning, take away and life lessons.

I have been called creative by many oh yes I am creative, and imaginative also. I try to visualize every thing. Albert Einstein also once told “Imagination is more important than knowledge” I do see things instead of directly but indirectly, using my logic and intuition


The USP of my blow is

  1. Short and crisp
  2.  My personal learning experiences
  3. My logical  take away on issues


wish me all the best for my this new journey.